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Hey there ladies and gentleman! Thank you for visiting my site and being interested in my simple yet highly effective diet and fitness plans. First off, I would like to explain a little bit about how to choose the right plan for you and your goals; As you can see below, the plans range from beginner, intermediate, to advanced.. When choosing a plan you should be sure to buy the plan that correlates to your previous gym experience. If you buy a fitness plan and you find that it too easy for you, it may be in your best interest to buy the next level up plan to achieve maximum results. If the plan you chose works for you, work hard at it, make good diet choices, and at least continue with the plan for three weeks. If at that point you are ready to take the next step up in difficulty you may buy a more advanced plan which will help you get you that killer body that you’ve been dreaming of. Remember, each level is more challenging than the previous one so I do encourage you to not overestimate yourself.

During your new fitness journey, especially if brand new, remember that you will be gaining muscle and losing fat. Muscle is much heavier than fat so you may initially put on a few pounds but do not be discouraged, mirrors and tape measures do not lie! Before beginning one of my programs, measure your waist, chest, legs, and arms and write this down somewhere you won’t lose it. You will be amazed at the inches you will lose and how quickly the process can work when you are determined to succeed! I must emphasize that your diet is going play an absolutely huge role in your fitness journey.. The body must be fed the proper foods and nutrients it needs so that it can burn fat and gain muscle efficiently.

Although at the moment we have no videos of the workouts on our site. Soon there will be a video of how to do each and every exercise properly, but for the time being, if you’re not understanding or do not know what a certain workout is, I recommend searching google images or youtube where you will find very simple and understandable explanations.

Women’s Cutting Program

Ladies this fat shredding and muscle toning set of plans are for those of you looking to get that beach body you’ve always wanted! Although some weightlifting is involved with these plans, they are mainly focused on body weight exercises that will burn through fat, increase your metabolism, and define your muscles. The beginner plan of training is for those of you who are brand new to fitness and are looking to lose fat and gain a little muscle tone. For this plan you do not need a gym membership. All workouts can be performed at home with simple workout equipment such as dumbbells, an exercise ball, and step-up platforms. In the beginner plan there will be no squats or crazy cross-fit style workouts… They will be mainly exercises such as lunges, jumping jacks, and push ups etc. The intermediate plan if for you ladies who know your way around a gym and are capable of completing some moderately challenging exercises. The advanced plan is for those of you looking to achieve maximum results and really looking to push yourself. This plan includes more weightlifting and is meant for those of you who frequently visit the gym but just aren’t seeing the results you want. All of these diets, when combined with a low calorie diet, will quickly give you the body of your dreams.

Women’s Lean Bulk Program

These women’s fitness plans are for women looking to build a little muscle and get that “Instagram fitness” body that you’re always seeing. Weightlifting is involved in all of the workouts but you should not be concerned with gaining manly muscles as I assure you this will not happen. If you truly dedicate yourself, you will not only get that booty you’ve been wishing for, but also a sculpted physique that other girls will be jealous of and guys will gawk at. This plan will shape the muscles and give your body the sexy silhouette. Combine this plan with a protein packed diet for maximum lady muscles!

Men’s Cutting Plan

The Men’s Cutting plans are for you guys looking to get as shredded as I was on the Bachelorette and The Bachelor in Paradise. I recommend it for guys who are looking to build a little muscle and get a lean aesthetic physique. This plan, in combination with a low-carb and low calorie, high protein diet, will quickly shred fat and sculpt your muscles.

Men’s Lean Bulk Plan

These plans consist of a two week cycle of different workouts sure to get you JACKED! This plan involves more weight, reps, and a little less cardio. With the Bulk plan, you will still get abs, but the main focus of this plan is to increase muscle size. You will see bigger arms and biceps, wider chest and back, more muscular legs, and an overall V-shaped body sure to attract the ladies and scare off any Evan’s. This plan should be paired with either a maintenance calorie diet, or just slightly above.

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